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E. Mark Haacke, PhD | Director | 313‐745‐1395


Bruce Berkowitz, PhD | Director of the 7T System


Norman Cheng, PhD | Director of the 3T System


Emil Pacurar | Systems Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours  Mailing Address

M-F 9am to 5pm  

WSU Research Facility

HUH-MR Research G030/Radiology

3990 John R Street

Detroit, MI 48201

Links and Resources

  1. MR Resaerch Facility Website




Name Role Phone Email Location
E. Mark Haacke, PhD


Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
MAGNETOM Verio 3T View calendar
7T High Field System for Preclinical Imaging View calendar
11.7T Magnet View calendar


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