Shipping Dangerous Goods (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive Materials, and DRY ICE)

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Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials) must be shipped by an Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) staff member or other trained personnel. Federal law requires that dangerous goods shipments are properly labelled, packed, and documented by only trained personnel. This includes any packages containing dry ice. Under FAA and DOT Dangerous Goods regulations, penalties for violations are severe.

Submit your request at least one day in advance for domestic shipments and three days in a advance for international shipments.
OEHS ships dangerous goods packages with FedEx, UPS, and DHL. You will need to provide this office with your shipping account information or payment information (if you will use an OEHS services) at the time of your shipment request.  
You should consult with OEHS regarding packing requirements, as special packaging specific to your shipment may be required. Contact OEHS (577-1200) with any questions regarding the shipment of dangerous goods.
Priority Overnight is the quickest way to ship, but also the most expensive. If your materials aren't on dry ice, and it isn't necessary for the package to arrive overnight, let us know on your form and we will ship them in a less expensive category.
Packages shipped by FedEx Priority Overnight should arrive (within the contiguous 48 states) the following business day before noon.
OEHS discourages Thursday or Friday shipments, in case a delivery problem delays your package until the following Monday (not good for Dry Ice/ frozen sample shipments).

DRY ICE (Class 9 Dangerous Goods): ALL materials on dry ice are regulated and must be shipped as dangerous goods.  

LITHIUM BATTERIES (Class 9 Dangerous Goods): These batteries are regulated and require special packaging and labeling.

Only non-regulated chemical and biological compounds may be shipped without Dangerous Goods training. Contact OEHS (577-1200) for assistance in determining if your shipment is hazardous.


Training on Shipping Biological Substances and Dry Ice: OEH&S offers training to ship limited types of materials. See our lab safety training schedule for training dates. Refresher training, required every two years, can be completed online here:

Online Refresher Training for Shipping Biological Substances and Dry Ice


Richard Harrison | Compliance Officer

Location and Shipping Arrangements

Shipping Arrangements Location

Please submit your shipping request at least 1 day in advanced for domestic shipments,      

and at least 3 days in advanced for international.       

Wayne State University
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