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The High Throughput Assay Development and Pilot Screening Core facility is located at 2129 Elliman, at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in the Fribley-Callaghan Collaboratory. Andrew Fribley Ph.D., the core’s director and the WSU Office for the Vice President of Research (OVPR), have leveraged resources from NIH and foundation grants, the Children’s Research Center of Michigan, the Wayne State University Fund for Medical Research, the Carmen and Ann Adams Department of Pediatrics and the laboratory of Dr. Phillip Cunningham, to assemble the expertise and instrumentation necessary to develop assays for high throughput screening (HTS). The mission of the core is to work with individual investigators, or small focused groups of investigators, to build and scale down high-fidelity cell-based or biochemical screening models that can transported to larger HTS laboratories for probe and drug discovery.


The WSU OVPR has invested in the Mircrosource Spectrum collection (http://www.msdiscovery.com/spectrum.html ), which contains ~2400 FDA-approved and other well-characterized biologically active compounds for proof of concept screens. The Spectrum Collection will provide investigators with a data set of bona fide hit compounds that can be obtained immediately from Microsource, or other commercial sources, for follow-up dose response assays at the core or in the PI’s laboratory. The core with work with investigators to leverage validated pilot data for several long standing NIH RFA opportunities (see links below) that provide funding for 100k – 300k compound screens at larger HTS facilities. These different funding mechanisms provide resources for all aspects of HTS including assay development, pilot screens and hit-to-lead probe development including medicinal and synthetic chemistry support (mechanisms vary depending on need and maturity of assay).


The core is equipped with all the instrumentation, expertise and database management software to develop, scale down and manage large data sets from cell-based or biochemical HTS assays. The core facility director and staff are committed to working with investigators to provide clear up-front transparent quotes and to establish and maintain productive probe development plans. To discuss ideas for potential screens or to schedule a screen with a previously scaled down assay please contact Dr. Andrew Fribley at afribley@med.wayne.edu .



Dr. Andrew M. Fribley, Director
Danielle M. Garshott, Manager

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9AM -5PM      

As needed or By Appointment  

2129 Elliman

Links and Resources

NIH High Throughput Screening Funding Opportunities:

  1. http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-13-135.html
  2. http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-14-284.html
  3. http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-13-364.html


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High Throughput Screening Facility

Phone: 313-577-5963
email: afribley@med.wayne.edu
Location: Elliman Bldg


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